US Vice President Joe Biden visits Sweden

STOCKHOLM, Aug. 25(Greenpost)–On Thursday 25 August, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will receive Vice President of the United States Joe Biden. Sweden and the United States enjoy close and good relations. Vice President Biden’s visit is an expression of this, with a view to continuing to deepen the already broad cooperation with the US. This cooperation was manifested earlier this year in the US-Nordic Leaders’ Summit held in Washington in May.

Global responsibility for migration and refugees is another key point on the agenda. The Swedish Government takes the position that the global refugee situation is a global responsibility, not the responsibility of a few individual countries.

Current bilateral and international issues as well as global challenges will be discussed at the meeting. A key agenda point for both the US and Sweden is the issue of global responsibility for migration and refugees.

Sweden and the United States have close and good relations, which was manifested not least by the Nordic-American Summit in Washington in May. The meeting in Stockholm is important for continuing to deepen the already broad cooperation with the US.

“I look forward to welcoming Vice President Joe Biden to Sweden. The relations between Sweden and the US have rarely been as good as they are now, and I see his visit as an expression of this,” says Mr Löfven.

Meanwhile,  the U.S. Government announced that Sweden will co-host the Leaders’ Summit on the Global Refugee Crisis, initiated by President Barack Obama. The Summit, to be held in New York in September, aims to work for a global division of responsibility for the world’s refugee situation. Sweden was invited to participate as a co-host, together with Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, Jordan and Mexico, according to a statement from Swedish government office.

“It became clear following the US-Nordic Leaders’ Summit in Washington that the US would like to see Sweden as one of the co-hosts of the Summit. This is recognition of the line that the Government is pursuing – that responsibility for the refugee situation in the world is global,” says Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

The summit, to be held on 20 September, will be hosted by President Barack Obama, together with the heads of state or government from the co-hosting states.

“I am pleased to have strong allies in the struggle to ensure that more countries contribute to helping the 60 million people who have been forced to flee; it cannot be the responsibility of only a few countries to offer protection and help,” says Mr Löfven.

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