Swedish Medtech company enters distribution partnership with Mexico

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Mar. 24(Greenpost)–Gynius is happy to announce partnership GAP for distribution for tele-colposcopy using the Gynocular colposcope and T2D cervical screening software, enabling access to high quality cervical examinations for women throughout Mexico. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer amongst women in Mexico and a major public health problem, where especially women in rural and low resource areas are affected by cervical cancer.

About GAP: Distribuidora GAP, short for Distribuidora Química y Hospitalaria GAP is a company engaged with the promotion, sales and distribution of reagents, equipment and medical devices for hospitals, clinical, molecular biology and research laboratories. Distribuidora GAP has a strong expertise in the field of distribution of medical devices to labs and hospitals.¨

Estamos muy entusiasmados de anunciar la firma de un convenio con Gynius para distribuir The Gynocular™, un colposcopio portátil con excelentes cualidades ópticas que funciona con pilas y que fue especialmente diseñado para exámenes cervicales.

El cáncer cervico-uterino continúa siendo un problema importante de salud pública. En México, este tipo de cáncer es la segunda causa de muerte por neoplasias malignas entre las mujeres de 25 a 64 años, sobre todo para aquellas mujeres que viven en zonas rurales y suburbanas.

Con la inclusión de The Gynocular™ al portafolio de productos para Gynius is an Swedish Medtech company, focusing on innovative solutions within women’s health care. The Mobile Colposcope the Gynocular has recieved numerous awards and evaluated through large clinical trials. The Gynocular telemedicine solution has been sold to over 26 countries globally.Gynius was founded in 2009 by dr Elisabeth Wikström Shemer, Dr Isaac Shemer and Mr Matthew Volsky with a vision to bring gold standard cervical cancer diagnostics everywhere.

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