VeloCity 2015: 7,000 cyclists and SMARTSET in the middle

The Velo-city is the annual global summit on cycling and the conference series serves as the major global platform for the exchange of visions, knowledge, expertise skills and good practice on cycling as part of daily transport and recreation and on cycling related policies. More specifically, Velo-city promotes the integration of urban cycle planning into all the relevant public policy sectors, including transport planning, land development, public health, education, environment, economy, energy and human rights. – See more at:

This year’s Velo-city took place in Nantes, France, from the 02-05 June and brought together more than 1500 participants from over 80 countries all over the world! One of the highlights was the vélo-parade on 03 June with more than 7,000 cyclists!

As one of the pillars of SMARTSET is the integration of cleaner vehicles in urban freight transport, such as cargo-bikes, the SMARTSET project was presented by the City of Gothenburg, as well as Austrian Mobility Research, FGM-AMOR.

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