What do you think North Korea launched H-Bomb?

Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Jan. 6(Greenpost)–This morning, it was my turn to work for the Church. I went there at 10:00. As soon as I arrived in the kitchen where we should prepare coffee and food for lunch after the God’s service.

A colleague immediately talked about North Korea’s hydrogen bomb.  This was the fourth time, north korea held nuclear test.

“It caused a lot of concern around the world.” said David. Due to my poor Swedish, I thought he was talking about something else. But as soon as I realized the news, I felt a curse.

Yes, Kim Jong-un should be condemned.  The calmness of the world is not normal.

Last year, when we celebrated the New Year, I was happy that the third world war didn’t happen. But this year, I was neither happy nor sad. It was quiet. But I didn’t know what this quietness meant.

The war is at someone’s hands and the crazy one is holding the butt of the grenade. That is the situation we are facing.

China is surrounded by the nuclear countries.  The US knew North Korea developed nuclear but didn’t know it should help it or hold it.

What do you think? dear reader? What shall we do?

As editor of Green Post, my call is to stop any war or conflict, let’s sit down and talk.  Does it work?

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