Winter in Sweden

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

Stockholm, Jan. 27(Greenpost)–Hi, I’m a Chinese, but I came to Sweden ten years ago. Why? Because my name is Snow. Xue means snow. I was born in this month 49 years ago. It was snowing and cold.

So actually I feel like at home in Sweden. In winter, the snow makes it feel better. The worst time I tell you is november. But Swedes are used to this kind of weather. Those who cannot tolerate it choose to go to Thailand for a few months.

That is why in 2005 Christmas time, more than 400 Swedes died during the Trunami in Thailand.  Many people go to Spain to have a winter house too. I mean over there it is always warm!

But Sweden is not bad. I mean in winter you can stay inside and the heating is very even. That temperature is better than anywhere else. It is neither too cold nor too warm.

People can go to the north to ski and live in the wooden house.  You can go to skate outside and swim inside a swimming pool. There are a lot of gyms.

To deal with the dark winter, Stockholm city lighted brighter lights in the city center. It hosts international film festival in November.

Christmas makes everybody happy and be busy with presents and food, visiting relatives and friends.

The sun sometimes is too bright because it is low, just hanging above the buildings.

Snow makes it very beautiful and the trees look like paintings. A lot of exhibitions are held indoor.

But this winter has a lot of accidents that make people feel upset. The problem was that a 22 year old girl who worked in an immigration center was stabbed to death by a 15 year old boy who migrant to Sweden.

The boy belongs to those thousands of single boy who has no parents or relatives to accompany them to Swedish border.  Do they really have no parents or relatives? No one knows.

But they came and stay together, sometimes they have problems. Now the police said they need more resources. They got more calls from immigration center and immigrants related issues.

Is this winter different from the previous one? Yes, it gets cold later than before and it gets warmer earlier. Just about lest than two weeks below zero, now it is above zero. The ice and snow all melt.

More people go to gym to exercise and many shops closed. I guess the gym will be a good business in the future.  One can get everything on website but you can’t exercise on internet.

Swedish winter is not too cold, it is around zero, sometimes above and sometimes below.


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