North Korea and the Nuclear Dilema

By Xuefei Chen Axelsson

STOCKHOLM, Feb. 19(Greenpost)–North Korea’s fourth nuclear test on Jan. 6, together with its ostensible satellite launch on February 7, reflects Pyongyang’s intentions to disregard international censure of its nuclear ambitions.

A seminar on North Korea and its nuclear dilemma was organized by Institute for Security and Development Policy in Stockholm on Friday.

The main speakers are Dr. Niklas Swanström, director of the ISDP and Dr. Sangsoo Lee, a research fellow with the Asia Program and Project Manager of the China and Korea Projects. Lee graduated from Peking University.

Dr. Sangsoo Lee said he there are four changes concerning nuclear issue. Even though it was not a powerful test, there is some progress in North Korean’s technology.  North Korea focuses more in technology aspect, rather than to show the strengths.

The range is wider now.  He said it seemed to him that North Korea didn’t care about international sanctions, it only wants to be succeed in becoming a nuclear power.  North Korea demands more and more from the international community.

Dr. Niklas Swanström held that North Korea has played well his card of demanding more from the international community. The biggest loser is China because it puts China in a dilemma.

“Everybody demands China put pressure on North Korea believing in that if China tells North Korea stop, it will stop. But the case is not like that. China is in a difficult situation. If they agree to put sanctions to North Korea, to what extend? If not, then a new race of nuclear development will begin, ”

Dr. Lee calls for talks between North Korea and South Korea to calm down the situation.

Dr. Swanström held that North Korea should be sanctioned so that it won’t get material for further nuclear test.

About 30 people attended the seminar.

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