Super powers should cooperate for a better world

Xuefei Chen Axelsson

After Iraq War in 2003, I gave up talking about international politics, because I thought the super power broke the international standards and took unilateral action. The world was full of power politics and hegemonism.

With the rising of China, the triangular relations between China, Russia and the United States should be a model for world peace if they can cooperate with each other.

However, the development seems not to develop towards people’s will. The US economy get worse and worse after 2008 dragging the world economy down. The European economy has been even more worse and worsened even more by the refugee issue.

But how come there was refugee issue? Where has the refugees come from?  Here there are two explanations: one is that the United States has tried to support the Arab Spring movement. Most of the European countries also support it. But they don’t understand the color revolution can only bring about chaos at the beginning. These chaotic situation caused a lot of people flowing to European countries.  A lot of them used to be the opposition in their own countries.

For examples, the refugees coming to Sweden are from Somalia, Iraq and Syria in recent two years.

Why Syria? In Syria, the United States supported some opposition organization against the Asad regime.  But the opposition was very weak. Then the Syrian government asked Russia to help to crack down some Islamist terrorist groups who fought against both the government and the opposition.

The latest information we get is that Russia didn’t bomb the terrorist groups, but the opposition or other groups causing a flood of refugees coming to Europe through Turkey.

With the strategy of supporting opposition, the US strategy successfully created these chaotic situation because the sovereign government in those countries couldn’t function properly.

With Russia suports the government, it means the conflict between the US and Russia actually caused the conflict between different groups in the third country.  Thus that country Syria is suffering from all these changes and a lot of people come out of the country hoping to find a peaceful and better life in Europe.

Similarly, the US presence in Asia seems to cause trouble too.  The US claims that they are kind hearted and take good care of some small countries defence by being present in those countries such as South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and other countries. America claimed that they are worried that Asian countries will fight each other and they should take care of those countries because they worry about China which is a big country.

But China as a big developing country has never invaded any country in the world. Its culture has decided that it has been focusing on its own land its own country for a long time.

Now with the development strategy of one belt and one road, China hopes that the surrounding countries will be happy to have a good and strong neighbour to provide good trade with them.  But many people exaggerated China’s power and said China’s rise threats the others.  In fact, China’s rise brings better opportunities for the surrounding countries. China likes to build more infrastructure for surrounding countries so that they can trade with each other.

But no one knows if it shows the weakness of the US or its dominant idea supports its action. It is as if an old person who is relatively weak will really like to manage to do things.  But it is just this kind of presence or support for some small countries that cause problems for China.

If the US, Russia and China can cooperate rather than confront each other or challenge each other, the world will be much better.

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