Swedish PM Lofven was interviewed by CGTN Tian Wei in China

STOCKHOLM, March. 21(Greenpost) – Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven was interviewed by CGTN’s Tian Wei  to find out about his personal story, and how Sweden and China can better cooperate during his visit to China participating the World Economic Forum.

According to him, Sweden values the work and cooperation on climate change and clean energy with China. As the first western country to establish diplomatic relations with the PRC, Sweden is also eagerly looking at other potential points of cooperation on security, trade, and other global issues. Prior to becoming prime minister, Lofven worked as a welder before becoming an active trade unionist. He rose to become chairman of the trade union IF Metall from 2006, until being elected leader of the Social Democrats in 2012. The hard days of being a welder gave him a deeper appreciation for the conditions of grassroots people, and, in his own words, made him more pragmatic and down to earth.

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